Synergy Service Initiative (SSI)

Synergy and Synergy Team Members Pledging and Volunteering for Service for Humanitarian Causes, Education, Traditional Artisans, Traditional Arts and Crafts and Environment Green Initiatives

Synergy Service Initiative (SSI):

Synergy and Synergy Team Members Pledging and Volunteering for Service for Humanitarian Causes, Education, Traditional Artisans, Traditional Arts and Crafts and Environment Green Initiatives

Synergy believes in the human touch, taking pride in promoting humanitarian causes within and beyond the organization.

Synergy Service Initiative is about “going beyond” core work in the Organization and “going beyond” what is required by Government regulations for community service. This initiative is aligned with the culture @ Synergy.

Synergy Service Initiative was formally introduced for Synergy Organization Development on Synergy’s 15th Anniversary Celebration on Synergy Day in September 2017.

Synergy Service Initiative is growing stronger, branching out in 4 thrust areas of service.

Our endeavor to communicate with our employees to pledge volunteer service and engage them with opportunities to contribute monetarily and volunteering their time has encouraged much greater participation from Synergy team members.

Synergy recognizes team member volunteer participation on different platforms. This further inspires our team members and makes them feel a part of the larger whole, Synergy as an Organization.

We partner with NGOs to effect change across various spheres of society, education, culture & arts, environment and engagement for humanitarian causes.

Synergy Pledge Board – We celebrated Synergy Day 2019 by signing the Synergy Service Initiative (SSI) Pledge Board. We successfully invited all team members including Synergy Global Business Partners to take the pledge to support SSI in 2019 – 2020.

1. Community Service and Humanitarian Causes:

  • Synergy supports the mission of the ‘home’ for the abandoned homeless via financial and Synergy team volunteer service hours contributions to Earth Savior.
    • Synergy team members volunteer to visit the Foundation ‘Home’ and meet with the people there.
    • Synergy has donated an ambulance among other items needed to support this foundation.
  • Synergy team members participate in various walks / marathons organized by NGOs for various humanitarian causes.
  • Fill a Bag and Make a Difference Donation Drive –  Running a campaign to “Fill a Bag and Make a Difference”. This was launched in October 2019, during Diwali the Festival of Lights. We used the donated items (Stationery, clothes, shoes) to help & support the homeless people and people in need.
  • Blood Donation Drive – Synergy organized blood donation drives via the Red Cross Society of India in Synergy’s New Delhi India office in the 2nd quarter of 2022, this blood donation drive saw a sizeable turn out from Synergy Team participating enthusiastically.

2. Education:

  • Synergy supports the less privileged / economically disadvantaged children via partnering with NGOs with the endeavor to provide education, empowerment and positive transformation. Synergy team supports by volunteering their time to mentor and coach the students. We also sponsor full education of several girl students. We involve ourselves in their holistic development and seek information from our NGO partners regularly about their wellbeing.
  • Apart from this, we have also extended our support to Community Outreach Programs aimed at equipping the youth and women with skills that enable them to be productive members of a fast-evolving global society. Thus striving every day to empower students to bring home their own knowledge and share it with their family and community to help amplify its effect.
  • We have collaborated with NGO focused on education and inclusion of differently-abled children.
  • Celebrating Independence Day with SETU Girls:  With our endeavour to spent time with the Kids and also engage with them we have organised an event in our Delhi office. Cultural performance done by SETU girls, followed by fun activity.
  • We celebrated Indian Republic Day 2020 with students from “VIDYA”. Synergy team members enthusiastically volunteered in this event organised by the NGO.
  • At Setu, Synergy team members have volunteered time for conducting art and crafts workshops, training children in arts, crafts and team work; yoga training, and tree plantation drives. Synergy provides the resources necessary for such activities.

3. Traditional Master Artisans / Endangered Arts and Crafts:

  • As a part of the Typecraft-Typeface traditional embroidery initiative, Synergy supported the craftswomen of the Rabari Tribe of Kutch, Gujarat, India, in 2018 and the same project for the craftswomen of the Soof Tribe in 2019.
    • The Typecraft initiative is to create typefaces based on tribal embroidery motifs. The goal of the project through the creation of typefaces is to inspire and create awareness and generate further interest in the history, context, work and life of the people who work on this.
    • Through this Initiative we have supported craftspeople, their livelihoods and helped crafts innovation by introducing craftspeople to the digital domain.
  • Traditional Master Artisan Workshops @ Synergy: Synergy also invites traditional master artisans and traditional arts and craft proponents to conduct art and craft workshops and create awareness for Synergy team members for rich cultural traditions and heritage. We believe these activities contribute to Synergy’s goal of Synergy team’s holistic development. We have successfully invited Chitara Master Artist from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Madhubani Painting Master Artisans from New Delhi and Camel Hair Rope Weaver from Kutch, Gujarat, for making presentations and conducting hands-on workshops for Synergy team. Synergy team participates with much enthusiasm and finds these activities great as stress busters and team bonding.

4. Environment and Green Initiatives:

  • Pledge Wall – We took action in 2019 to support our planet Earth. Each team member supported this initiative by taking pledge on the “Pledge Wall”.
    • For example, pledges taken by the team ~ I will think before I print ~ I will not use plastic cutlery~ I will use less water while Bathing~  Use the water from RO for mopping~
  • Recycle Paper with “CHINTAN” – Synergy has partnered with CHINTAN to recycle waste-paper.
    • Through this initiative we are able to support the education and the welfare of children of waste pickers. Till today we have donated 200 Kgs of waste paper to CHINTAN.
  • Plastic Use Reduction – Synergy is supporting various initiatives to save planet Earth by reducing the usage of  single-use plastic products.
    • We also promote recycling within the organization be it left-over food, paper and electronic waste.
    • Our team members take possible actions towards our ‘Save the Environment’ initiatives by Saying ‘No To Plastic’.
    • A few of our initiatives include:
      • Not to use of plastics cutlery, plastic folders, plastic bottles, plastic bags and
      • To use paper mesh pencils instead of plastic pens
  • Green Leaders Awards – Our COO Mr. Anand Krishna Rohatgi received the prestigious Green Leaders Awards for 50 Most Impactful Leaders at Global Green Future Summit & Leadership Awards 2019 in Mumbai, India. Synergy as an organization is involved and recognized in various green energy projects in various parts of the world.
  • Plantation Drive – Synergy as an organization has organized plantation drives with school children and have conducted fruitful interactions with them to make them aware about the importance of safe and green environment.
    • Synergy Team Members volunteered time and Synergy provided resources for conduction tree plantation drive at SETU school.