Problem solvers, creative thinkers, and new business builders. Put your talents to use where opportunities are limitless and every day makes a difference. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, working with Synergy Consulting could be a challenging and rewarding next step in your career.

Open Positions

Associate – New Delhi, India

Senior Associate – New Delhi, India

Associate Director – Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Associate – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Senior Associate – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Problem solvers and creative thinkers. Engineers and new business builders. Put your talents to use where opportunities are limitless and every day makes a difference. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, working with Synergy Consulting could be a challenging and rewarding next step in your career.

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Associate – New Delhi, India

Senior Associate – New Delhi, India

Associate Director – Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Associate – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Senior Associate – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Life at Synergy

At Synergy, our human capital is the key driver for our growth and effectiveness. We believe that sustainable success can be reached only through our people. No other asset in our Company is as important as the people who contribute with their work to our culture and business results. Synergy offers unrivalled opportunities to its team members to succeed and realize their highest potential.

Our policies and benefit programs strive to seamlessly integrate our people and processes across the entire human resource life-cycle. Talent acquisition, performance management, employee development, employee engagement and merit-based rewards are performed with the objective of retaining and building our talent pool and providing an amiable work-place environment.

Continuous learning process is facilitated across all levels at Synergy through blended learning approach of in-house programs and external trainings encompassing behavioral, technical and management areas. Our Knowledge-Sharing sessions help expand the skills of our team members.

Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresh graduate from a Business School, working with Synergy can be a rewarding next step in your career.

Synergy team enjoyed the 2020 Synergy Day virtually this year.

Synergy team enjoying the fun activities organized during month-end birthday celebration.

Synergy organized Laughter Yoga Session as part of their Wellness Initiative

Under the Young Professional Program — Synergy YP Umbrella — Synergy brings in external trainers for in-house Exercise, Yoga, Meditation which Synergy team members find very useful and much enjoy.

Synergy Consulting Roller Coaster Team Building

Two hours, four teams, trial and error, working as separate teams.

25 Seconds to Success with Four Teams Collaborating!!

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Opportunities at Synergy

Experienced Professionals

We value the expertise and fresh insights that our experienced new hires bring to Synergy. Only with the best minds and diverse perspectives can we consistently add value to our stakeholders in Infrastructure Development & Financial Advisory. Synergy gives you a platform to achieve your highest potential by working with a team of colleagues and clients on challenges that matter the most to them. You get opportunities to leverage your business knowledge and experience in diverse sectors and geographies or contribute your expertise to a specific industry or sector.

Fresh Management Graduates

If you’re looking for a work-place which values your curiosity, passion, and desire to learn, if you’re seeking colleagues who are big thinkers, eager to take-on fresh challenges as a team, then you’re a future ‘Synergizer’. Synergy recruits well-rounded, inquisitive candidates with a track-record of outstanding academic performance and high learning agility.

When you join us, from early on, you get hands-on client responsibility and the support you need to develop a breadth of skills and experience that will enable you to fulfill your highest potential. Opportunities are available to work across geographies, sectors, services to be able to take-on challenging and oftentimes, ground-breaking projects.


Synergy is proud to announce its commitment for Summer Internship Program ’20 amidst these challenging times. Kudos to Synergy Team for making this possible.

We are glad to welcome our interns virtually for Summer Internship ’20 from our partner academic institutions – IIM – Ahmedabad, IIM – Bangalore, IIM – Lucknow, IIM – Indore, IIT – Delhi, IIT – Bombay and IIFT.

We want to provide all opportunities to our Summer Interns for skill development, income and professional networking  which ensure undisrupted educational journeys for the students.

This is the 10th year of Synergy Summer Internship Program. We wish all our interns a successful journey for Synergy Summer Internship 2020.

Synergy offers exciting internship opportunities to students of Tier 1 – B Schools in the penultimate year of their degree. Summer interns at Synergy get a firsthand view of what a career with Synergy has to offer. Students joining our Summer Internship program spend 8 weeks at a stretch with us.

Synergy interns work as an integral part of our client service team on live projects and learn through experience of real time challenges and pressures of client projects. As an intern, you are trained hands-on with responsibilities of analyzing data, preparing client presentations, information memoranda and financial models. You get the opportunity to work closely with and be mentored by Synergy team members, which gives you a 360-degree perspective of Life @ Synergy.

Working as an intern at Synergy is more than an opportunity to bolster your resume. It also offers the potential to launch your career at Synergy, as many of our interns receive offers for full-time position.

List of Partner Academic Institutions for Synergy Internship Program:

  • IIM – Ahmedabad
  • IIM – Bangalore
  • IIM – Calcutta
  • IIM – Lucknow
  • IIM – Kozhikode
  • MDI – Gurgaon
  • IIFT – Delhi
  • IIT – Delhi
  • FMS – Delhi
  • Yale School of Management, USA

Employee Testimonials

Transaction Team (Finance)

“There are multiple professional development opportunities here at Synergy. A combination of effective mentoring by management, peer support and the opportunity to work on different projects with a diverse group of people has helped me progress to become a team leader. Additionally, working on complex projects along with the support of my team and the management makes Synergy an organization where I can build a long-term career.”

Rohit Kumar, Associate Director

“Synergy offers a platform to play a pivotal role in advising clients directly on their investment decisions. You get to directly interact with CXOs, Directors and Senior Management of large infrastructure developers that trust your judgment and rely on your insights to make informed decisions. You get to handle projects independently, which provides a sense of ownership and motivates you to perform well and grow professionally.”

Sahil Taneja, Senior Associate  

“Synergy provides an excellent platform to enhance your learning in project finance domain from the very beginning. At Synergy, an individual gets a chance to work on multiple projects spanning across various geographies and sectors in a very short span of time.”

Gajendra Yadav, Associate Director

“Experience with Synergy so far has been amazing. In terms of work, it’s a ideal job for anyone looking for core financial work. Company is also one of few organizations which provide international exposure to all the employees including new joiners. Additionally, company’s open door policy empowers its employees to think on their own and not just undertake run of the mill tasks”

Ivneet Makkar, Senior Associate  

“Glad that I am equally enthusiastic about the work today as I was on day-z. Primarily, the level of exposure offered at Synergy is across the value chain, right from submitting the proposals to closing a transaction. There is different skill set that is required and is honed at each and every stage. This is one unique thing about this place that creates synergy between my personal growth and achieving the organizational goals!”

Gurleen Kaur, Senior Associate

“Synergy offered me an excellent exposure and working experience, with the opportunity to get involved in diverse projects across multiple sectors. At Synergy, I experienced an exponential learning curve due to the firm entrusting me with responsibilities from an early stage. I got to work with a bunch of talented people with an amazing passion to work and an energy that is infectious.”

Apurv Gupta, Associate

“I have been working in Synergy for ~ 10 months now. So far it has been highly enriching experiencing. Ever supporting seniors, structured training/ refresher programs, open door policy of the management, international exposure and high impetus on meritocracy has created a perfect ecosystem for professional development and brings out the best from the employees.”

Praveen Shrivastava, Senior Associate

Leadership Team

“It is difficult to explain the feeling you get when you see the organization and yourself growing at such a fast pace. Looking back I never thought that I would be associated with an organization for so long.  However one of the key reasons why I am with Synergy is the fact that Synergy values it’s human assets and provides a platform to all its team members to grow in their personal and professional lives. In these years I have been provided with immense opportunities and support by the seniors. The knowledge and strengths I have accumulated today would certainly have never been possible if Synergy had not believed in me. Looking forward to be a part of more celebrations for Synergy success and birthdays.”

Neha Mittal, Director

I vividly remember that Synergy was celebrating 10th anniversary when I joined. At that moment, I never expected that I would be associated with Synergy when it is celebrating 15th Anniversary and yet here I am! During this period, the organization has grown at a rapid pace resulting in the team getting opportunities to work on diverse mandates across geographies, an experience that few other organizations can provide. I am blessed to have guidance from mentors and support from peers and team members during this exciting journey. I hope to continue this challenging and mutually beneficial journey for many years to come.”

Abhishek Shukla, Director

“Every day over here has been fun and full of enriching experience. I have many fond memories with many of my colleagues and hope to continue building many more memories in coming years.”

Ankit Chaturvedi, Director

“It has been an eventful journey with numerous opportunities to take up interesting and challenging projects and explore new sectors. The highlight apart from the work is most definitely the people at Synergy who are some of the most motivated, smart and hardworking colleagues I have interacted with, professionally. A key factor that has helped me succeed at Synergy has been the support of my peers, supervisors and team members. Looking forward to continue achieving such milestones with Synergy.”

Krishna Kumar Singh, Director

“The main reason for being associated with Synergy for this time is because of the pace it is growing which is probably what I was looking in all my previous organizations. During these years, I have learnt a lot and grown professionally as well as grown personally. It wouldn’t have been possible without my team, colleagues, and supervisors at Synergy and learning acquired from them during this time to be a person who I am now. I have, during these years, learnt to be patient, meticulous and improved attention to details a lot. Hope to continue the addition of milestones with Synergy in years to come.”

Praveen Vasant Umredkar, Director

“My journey with the Synergy has been an incredible ride. During this period I have enjoyed variety of job challenges, being rewarded and achieved greater knowledge about various sectors and functions that we work in. It’s my pleasure to be associated with Synergy, working with some of the best, motivated and innovative minds. I would like to thank everyone who is part of my journey for these remarkable years. I wish to be part of this organization to give my best for company’s growth in future.“

Rohit Pandey, Associate Director

Senior Management

“I strongly believe that behind Synergy’s great success is an entrepreneurial spirit. Meeting Synergy Team Members individually and as a team at Synergy 15th Anniversary Celebrations in New Delhi, clearly conveyed Synergy Team’s vibrant mindset.

Synergy continues to deliver robust and healthy growth. Synergy is where it is today, in the top rank of Infrastructure Advisory, thanks to the confidence and trust our clients have in us. Our goal is to become the Company that every client can be proud of. “

Aman Sachdeva, President and CEO (Founded Synergy in 2002)

“As we are celebrating 15th Anniversary of Synergy, I really feel proud and blessed…When we began, we were a few people in a small infrastructure…With our sincere efforts…now a superlative team of 60+ team members… All the team members will agree with me that working here has been challenging, stimulating, exciting, and a continuous learning and developmental experience. We also have a powerful client base without which our hard work would be worthless. My sincere gratitude goes out to all our clients, old and new — appreciations and testimonials from the clients have also been an inspiring and stimulating spree. We have accomplished a lot together. But what matters most now is what we do next. Looking forward to future prospects… many more great experiences, more expansion, growth and excitement.”

Anand Rohatgi, Chief Operating Officer

“Startup success stories mostly highlight entrepreneurs, business plans and innovation. In the beginning of the journey of a start-up, not much talked about are the people processes. Not much thought about are employee benefits. Taken for granted are first marketing materials and the nitty-gritty of everyday minutiae. Not thought about are volunteer service initiatives. The list is long. But we didn’t think about the length of the lists when we founded Synergy …We at Synergy believe in taking action.

As Synergy co-founder, Synergy Team and Synergy Clients have become a way of life. There sure are moments of heartburn but the rewards far outweigh those fleeting moments, with the people connection we’ve made and the love and respect we receive. For Synergy Organizational Development, no task is too small. 15 years up the road, with the Blessing of Almighty and extreme hard work of Synergy Team, today we take pride in Synergy being a sought-after Organization to work for, as we plan for Synergy’s future beyond its first few front-line leaders.”

Swati Sachdeva, Managing Partner, Chief Organization Development Strategy

“15 years! I don’t know if anyone of us expected to grow larger than 60 members strong team when I joined Synergy in 2009. I have seen us adapt and persevere through thick and thin while questioning and reinventing ourselves over the past several years. Through this all, each one of us has changed not just in terms of our work profile, but also in terms of the point of view from which we view and respond to various situations and am sure that we shall all keep growing in that respect as we keep setting our sights higher while solidifying our foundation values of providing the best services to our clients. There have been many in the past and I definitely look forward to many more ‘wow’ moments as we keep moving forward in this journey and wish the best to everyone who has contributed towards it and continues to do so in the years to come.”

Arpan Nalwaya, Partner

“As Synergy has completed 15 years, it is also a good time for me to reflect…my reason to be at Synergy is clearly a combination of challenging work, smart colleagues and freedom to achieve more. It is a journey I am proud to have been part of, and believe we have a brand that we can make bigger and better… It is heartening to see how the work done by everyone associated in the last decade or so has helped change the perception of the company from “Who Synergy?” to “Of course we know Synergy!”

The opportunity to explore new sectors and geographies is a motivation to keep the journey exciting. It has its own set of challenges but I am fortunate to have a team that is motivated, intelligent and hardworking, thereby making it fun to work together. I am sure there would be many more success stories in the future as Synergy moves forward; reminds me of a line from a famous poem: “The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep …”

Shashank Rath, Partner

“I joined Synergy in Oct 2013 and these past years have been enriching. The company has provided me a good platform to grow and work independently. Further, I really appreciate the intellect of my peers, my team and overall it’s a very healthy atmosphere to work in.”

Chetan Kapoor, Partner

Global Offices Employee Testimonials

“My journey with Synergy so far has helped me understand all the dedication and hard work that goes into the successful delivery of every single project with unmatched standards. People here are extremely talented and gritty and they genuinely care about what they do. It’s hard not to thrive in such an environment.”

Rania Chaouch, Senior Associate, Synergy Dubai, UAE

“Synergy provides unique and detailed experience to global projects for each employee. With all of the insights and support received from colleagues, I can be assured that output of work done is valuable for our clients. I feel happy to start my career here as Synergy’s vision and strategy allow us to keep our professional ambitions high and grow into valuable industry expert.”

Akmaral Yessirkegenova at Synergy Dubai, UAE

“Fortunately, I was able to have a chance to work with Synergy team for an IPP project while I was working at Samsung Engineering. I was very impressed by the company's professional abilities and breadth of experience. Therefore, there was no reason not to take this precious opportunity to work at this company. I believe the working experience at Synergy will take me to the next level, and I am eager to make a positive contribution to the company.”

 Kyu Sung Kim, Associate Director, Synergy Seoul, Korea

Alumni Testimonials

“I spent 2 rewarding years at Synergy where I was able to work on challenging and interesting projects in the Sub Saharan Africa region as well as Jordan and Palestine. I gained a lot of exposure to clients as well as financial institutions. The confidence placed in me by senior management to handle complex transactions on a day to day basis was helpful in honing my skill set which has enabled me to have a satisfying and interesting career thus far. I was also fortunate to have a good team around me with whom I could consult and brainstorm and seek guidance.”

Anirudh Sen, Senior Financial Advisor, Co-Head Engie PF and M&A for Chile and Colombia Engie
(Former Senior Associate @ Synergy Consulting)

“Synergy will always act as an important cornerstone for my career. I spent almost five years with Synergy, and I can confidently say that there were always several opportunities to learn, even till my last week at Synergy. I joined as the junior most member of the team, and when I left I was handling my own team. This kind of learning & experience in such a compressed time frame is only possible with the exposure and freedom you are provided at Synergy. Apart from learning and experience, it’s a great place to develop lifelong friendships which will help you grow in the industry and life in general. I will always cherish the important projects I was part of and the appreciation I received at Synergy and at international forums. Synergy brand has built its strength year by year both with private and government clients, which stays with you thorough out your career. And I am sure this is only the beginning.”

Amit Singh, Head of Project Finance and International Business Development, Infinity Solar
(Former Associate Director @ Synergy Consulting)

“I was with Synergy for almost five years where we grew from a small team to almost sixty employees by the time I left. I enjoyed my experience at Synergy as it was great learning platform, offered variety of different experiences with the domain of financial advisory and gave me a sense of ownership and opportunity to lead very early on.”

Ankit Jain, Director, Business Development, Aljomaih Energy & Water Co. Ltd.
(Former Associate Director @ Synergy Consulting)

“Synergy provides a conducive environment to nurture yourself. It is a platform which provides opportunities to work on live projects and interact with external parties from the beginning of your career. Adding to it, the company has developed a culture where its members are respected, heard and provided with easy accessibility. This immensely helps in the process of learning and growth. Today Synergy is regarded as one of the top global infrastructure advisory companies across the world. With its enriching experience globally, it provides opportunities to work and develop strong understanding of multiple aspects of global infrastructure projects.”

Vivek Narnoli, Senior Manager, ACWA Power
(Former Associate Director @ Synergy Consulting)

“Synergy was an extremely motivating and empowering experience for me. The organization has a culture of giving responsibility and ownership to its members from the very beginning of their career. I believe the leadership experience I received at Synergy has contributed immensely in my career.”

Kartikeya Singh, Senior Project Development Manager – Asia, Jinko Power 
(Former Senior Associate @ Synergy Consulting)

“Synergy was a great place to start my career, in terms of both learning and exposure to clients. Had the opportunity to work under Anand and Aman on some great projects in the Middle East. The Synergy team will always have a special place in my heart. Here’s hoping that your success story continues.”

Dhruv Tandan, Partner AND Business Consulting / Vrish Consulting LLP  
(Former Associate @ Synergy Consulting)

“I will always fondly remember my time with Synergy. Probably shorter than what I would have hoped for but very insightful and engaging. It was at Synergy, where I learnt the basis of infrastructure and project finance from very experienced professionals working on exciting and diversified projects. 

Apart from the professional learnings, while at Synergy, my former colleagues and I shared some wonderful memories and formed a close network for life.”

Shalabh Arora, Head of Project Finance and M&A – Asia, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV)
(Former Associate @ Synergy Consulting)

Internship Testimonials

Partner Academic Institutions

IIFT- New Delhi

“We are very proud as an institution to associate with Synergy Consulting. The organization is sought after by students on campus and the interns have always spoken very highly of the experience and exposure they have gained at Synergy Consulting. The recruiters from Synergy who have come down for the process at IIFT have always been extremely professional and cordial and it has been a pleasure to host them.”

Prof. Harkirat Singh, Corporate & Placement Advisor, Faculty – Alumni Coordinator, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)

DMS, IIT-Delhi

“It has always been our sheer pleasure to associate with Synergy team and mentors through various Campus Engagement Avenues and we feel much obliged to welcome Synergy.

It reinforces our trust in the organization and your team, with our students, who I am sure are in the right hands in terms of being groomed to be the future leaders carrying forward this legacy.

We wish to continue our legacy and build even stronger “Synergies with Synergy” in the future.”

Prof. Sanjay Dhir, Chairman, Placements and Corporate Relations, Coordinator: Media, DMS, IIT Delhi

IIM Bangalore

“It is always an enriching experience interacting with the people from the industry. In the past few years, we have been able to strengthen our relationship with Synergy consulting and thereby our students have got an opportunity to work with an exciting team, where they get hands on experience on the various live projects. We look forward to share the same kind of relationship in future.”


“Internship at Synergy was a wonderful experience. The whole programme was well structured and I was set clear deliverables and deadlines. I got to work on live projects and my progress was closely monitored by my mentor. Everyone in the team was approachable and more than willing to guide me. I was able to learn a lot in these 2 months. It was great to see how seriously the internship programme was seen by the company. Overall, a great learning experience.”

Rahul KB, IIM Ahmedabad

“Getting a chance to work on the live project was the best part of my internship. It showed me a glimpse of a typical day in Synergy Associate’s life. I liked the flat hierarchy which makes sure that everyone is easily approachable when needed. My learning curve during 8-weeks stint at Synergy was steep. I would recommend Synergy for an amazing internship experience.”

Nikhil Bichukale, IIM Bangalore

“Working with Synergy has been an enriching experience. The amount of knowledge and skills I was able to pick up from my team over the past couple of months was incomparable. I was particularly impressed by the swift and professional manner in which assignments were executed, which makes it no surprise that Synergy is one of the leading financial advisory firms in project finance. More than anything, I enjoyed working with the people at Synergy, who were always willing to make time for me and help me out whenever I needed it.”

Ramakrishna C, IIM Calcutta 

“During the Summer Internship Program at Synergy, I made a lot of memories with some of the best people one could find. Be it a fellow intern or an employee, people at Synergy work hard, party harder.
Speaking about work, as interns we got to work on live projects and not dummy assignments and during the course of the internship you get the chance to see your work having gone to the clients which feels great as not many companies do that. These two months were a great learning experience to say the least.”

Sivasamhit Vaddiparthi, IIM Indore

“My two months of internship with Synergy have been really fruitful. Work environment is really great, people are very helpful and I made a lot of good friends. Assignments provided during the course of the Internship were on live projects and were challenging that provided me an opportunity to learn a lot of things about the work and strengthen my knowledge of finance. It’s a great place to start your career after your MBA.”

Rahul Agnihotri, IIFT-Delhi 


“The internship opportunity I had with Synergy Consulting Inc. was a great chance for me to learn and grow, that I thoroughly enjoyed. Working as an integral part of teams on live projects, I got hands-on experience in financial modelling and project finance. The close mentoring and assistance that I got from my team helped me acquire skills that one cannot learn in a classroom. Overall, the internship was a worthwhile experience for me, that has brought along with it experiences, which I believe I will always cherish.”

Era Singh, MDI-Gurgaon