Management Development Institute Welcomes Synergy’s Chetan Kapoor

Chetan Kapoor, a Partner at Synergy Consulting, Inc., was recently invited by Management Development Institute (MDI) – one of New Delhi’s premier business schools – to speak during a discussion series as part of an induction program for the incoming class of 2018-19.

During his talk, Chetan discussed Synergy Consulting’s groundbreaking projects and transactions, as well as the various accolades the company has received to date. The talk was followed by a Q&A session in which the incoming class asked questions regarding Synergy Consulting’s views on:

  • NCLT and IBC Code
  • Effects of NCLT and IBC Code on the Indian industry in general
  • Potential impact of artificial intelligence on consulting business worldwide
  • Impact of U.S. policies on trade tariff
  • Venture Capital funding principles and ways to evaluate business opportunities
  • Valuation and Mergers & Acquisition