Unlocking the Low Carbon Potential: The Rise of LNG in Today’s Changing Energy Landscape

Unlocking the Low Carbon Potential

Exciting Shift in the Energy Landscape: Recent years brought uncertainty to natural gas markets due to supply and price concerns, especially with Russia’s gas supply cuts to Europe. However, a significant transformation is on the horizon. Starting in 2025, a surge in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects is set to reshape the energy industry and offer a low-carbon energy solution, as per the IEA.

This capacity augmentation will add a substantial 250 billion cubic meters per annum of LNG liquefaction volumes by 2030, nearly half of the current global supply. The bulk of this new capacity will come from the United States and Qatar. This surge comes as global natural gas demand stabilizes and signals a shift away from coal to gas as a preferred industrial fuel, highlighting the complex dynamics of the energy landscape.

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