Synergy Consulting is honored to advise on procurement of first renewable energy auctions in Azerbaijan

A consortium led by Synergy Consulting (together with CMS as legal advisor, Sargent & Lundy as technical advisor and CEPA as the economic advisor) has been selected by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to support The Government of The Republic of Azerbaijan for the first renewable energy auction in Azerbaijan. The consortium will also advise on development of a framework for future competitive procurement scheme for renewable energy projects in the country.

The scope of the mandate covers:

  1. Providing detailed financial, legal and technical advisory services and implementation support for the procurement of solar and wind projects; and
  2. Development of a framework for  competitive procurement scheme for future renewable energy projects in Azerbaijan.

The mandate is another milestone for Synergy in its successful journey in the renewable energy sector and government/procurement advisory projects in the region.