Synergy Celebrates 20 Days of Giving for 20 Years of Excellence

by | Oct 11, 2022 | News

picture of Synergy logo with Hear that represents 20 Days of Giving

Synergy expresses generosity towards communities in the nations where we work.

We all have the capacity to give to others, our time, talents, treasures, “in giving we receive”.

For 20 Days, in the days that follow, to celebrate Synergy’s 20 Years of Excellence, Synergy team members will be giving with generosity from their time, talents and treasures, focusing on the four thrust areas of Synergy’s Service Initiative (SSI) Program:

1. Clean Green Environment – such as tree plantation drive, minimizing trash @ work, healthy habits;
2. Education – such as women’s emancipation and empowerment, education for everyone, skills training, books donations;
3. Community Service – helping to serve differently abled people and abandoned citizens, blood donation drive, clothes and food donations;
4. Traditional Artisans – organizing workshops by master artisans for the holistic development of Synergy team members and to promote arts and crafts becoming endangered thereby preserving the artisans, culture and heritage.

Synergy Global offices are busy organizing donation campaigns and team members volunteering hours for all of the above mentioned activities and more for 20 Days of Giving.

Synergy’s 20 Days of Giving is also for Giving to Synergy Team members – door prizes, fun times with fun activities, health diet fitness activities, food, mementos, celebrating team Synergy team members…

Synergy wants to express gratitude to all Synergy team members for their hardest work, best efforts and dedication to deliver the best, making Synergy what it is today:
A Global Leader in Financial and Corporate Advisory Services
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