Shuaibah III – WPA Signing

Synergy Consulting is pleased to announce the signing of Shuaibah III – Expansion II Water Purchase Agreement between Water & Electricity Company LLC (WEC) and ACWA Power International (API). The project is another significant addition to WEC’s existing offtake portfolio which includes Shuabaih III IWPP, Shuaibah III – Expansion I IWP and Shuqaiq IWPP.

Synergy Consulting is honored to have been associated with WEC and Salilne Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) as Financial and Lead Advisor on the Project and to be a part of the PPP program for the Water Sector per the National Transformation Plan for 2020 and the Vision for Saudi Arabia, 2030. The transaction marks another successful project close for Synergy on the procurement side, which now has expanded to leading Government entities in Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.

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