African Review Article

by | Aug 31, 2023 | News

Africa Review Article

Praveen Umredkar, Managing Director Synergy Consulting, Inc., delves in this article into the journey towards a net-zero future for mining, highlighting the importance of renewable energy, circular economies, and sustainable fuel alternatives.

The mining industry, a significant contributor to global CO2 emissions, is embracing the challenge of reducing its environmental footprint.

As stakeholders increasingly prioritize emissions reduction, mining companies are exploring innovative strategies to achieve carbon-neutral operations.

Global temperatures continue to climb.

Electricity needed to power only the world’s air conditioners is forecasted to triple within two decades.

The fossil fuels burned to help the devices keeping us cool are adding to baking the planet Earth.

Public funding for the Net 0 would boost economies and reduce the damaging impact caused by climate change on planet Earth.

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