13th year of the Synergy Internship Program (SIP).

@ Synergy we launch careers!

Synergy Consulting, Inc. is excited to welcome the group of interns on the 13th year of the Synergy Internship Program (SIP).

We’re delighted to announce that we’re welcoming the interns this year in the Autumn in Synergy Internship Program, denoting the ever-increasing popularity of SIP with participating academic institution #SPJMIR

At Synergy, we take pride in providing comprehensive learning and hands-on work experience to all our interns.

All interns receive the esteemed #opportunity to work on live engagements, working directly with Synergy clients across the world in different sectors and diverse #geographies.

Our core finance leadership team members take their valuable time to mentor all interns, helping them in gaining practical knowledge aligned with their ongoing postgraduate program and career ambitions.

Synergy Consulting believes in holistic team development; we endeavor to integrate the interns in our #teambuilding activities and celebrations in-house.

Select interns receive Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) from Synergy, providing them with the opportunity to work full-time at Synergy upon completion of their #MBA program.

At Synergy we launch careers!